CBD Cigarettes: The Future of Medical Cannabis?

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CBD has been shown to have multiple therapeutic applications. Its benefits include relaxation, pain relief, and decreased stress. However, the legislation in Mexico today does not allow products that contain more than 1% THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. Buy CBD cigarettes online.

In theory, this means that the only legal way to access these benefits would be through extracts or oils that distill and separate the two molecules, making it impossible to enjoy the characteristic “touch” of the smoked flower. Or so we thought. Buy CBD flowers online.

Hemp Flowers

There is a skinny line that separates hemp from marijuana. The THC concentration defines the distinction. According to the law in our country, the limits of hemp are 0.3% of this molecule.

In addition to that and other morphological differences, both plants have very similar uses. After all, they both belong to the cannabis Sativa species. Among these uses are medicinal applications, as hemp is capable of producing CBD in considerable concentrations.

Thanks to this, companies like Wildhemp can produce hemp flower cigarettes, which contain 10 mg of CBD and 0.5MG of THC. Their goal is to create a “simple and clean product that provides reliable relief.” Buy marijuana online.

In addition, cigarettes bring a specific profile of terpenes, which modulate the effects of cannabis in different ways and significantly enhance the therapeutic benefits of the friendly plant. This is known as the entourage effect.

So Can We Say That They Are Medicinal Cigarettes?

No, unfortunately, there is still a problem: combustion. Remember that burning the flower produces certain toxins that cause respiratory difficulties and contribute to the appearance of cancer.

So, although the consumption of these products still provides benefits such as relaxation or stress reduction, in the long term, they could generate unfortunate effects. The correct thing would be to vaporize the hemp flower.

New presentations of a plant with great potential to improve the quality of life of its users should be highlighted. Without a doubt, these will only increase as the new laws allow better conditions for their manufacturers.

And we cannot fail to mention that, after all, these products are legal in Mexico today even though they are sold outside the regulations (because such laws are non-existent).

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